For Take Out Orders Call: 808-259-9811

41-857 Kalanianaole Hwy.
Waimanalo, HI 96795
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Mon – Sun: 9:30am – 5:30pm

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What they serve:  Plate Lunches Hawaiian Style!

If you want one of the best Pork Adobo’s on the island, you need to make sure you stop here.
At first glance it looks like a hole in the wall and it may be just that. A hole in the wall with amazing pork adobo! I have never really tried anything else here, because simply it is that good.  You’ll find people suggesting other items here, and one day I”ll try those to.  But trust me on this, the first thing you should get is the Pork Adobo!  When my pork adobo is half way finished, and i get to mix the juices with the rice…that taste like heaven! It also helps that usually there are very attractive women working at Keneke’s, though Mr. Keneke is someone I would run from. Overall though he is a very nice person that always caters our work events. Sitting in the covered dining area you’ll see bible verses written everywhere. I enjoy sitting there reading the verses and talking with tourists/locals.  Mr. Keneke’s Passion about what the product he produces is certainly realized the minute you take your first bite.  Which is why this place is listed as “Bryan’s Favorite” category. And we have my good friend Steven to thank for suggesting this place to me!

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Quick Updates

Well here’s a quick update, I have decided to take my reviews and shorten them from 500,000 paragraphs to 1! Then I’ll include some photos, website, etc.  This will keep reading all these blogs simple and straight to the point.  These are reviews, and if you’re looking for a new place to eat you really don’t want to read 10 paragraphs of 10 different restaurants, right? Also daily I’m going to try to post some local hawaii deals on eats and such! I’ll do the hard work and comb all the websites and post them here in one summary.

If you didn’t notice, I have two new categories up top.  Archives and Bryan’s Favorites.   Bryan’s Favorites will be links to my reviews of my absolute favorite places.  Archives will include a sorted/organized list of all posts on this blog.

I should have some new blogs up soon on a few places. 🙂

Don Ho’s Island Grill

So slowly trying to focus on getting back to blogging, I’m going start on blogging on hawaii adventures and eats.  Bryan’s Hawaii Adventures and Eats!  That’s got a nice ring, right?  Please feel free to leave feedback as I slowly try to create a format that works for everyone.  Please feel free to leave feedback how I can improve this blog and my writing.  Each article I’m going learn new ways to improve the way I write and include my adventures for you all!

Time Attended: 7:30pm Hawaiian Time

So my first official blog here is about Don Ho’s Island Grill.  Located at Aloha Tower in Honolulu, it sits right on the waterfront.  Relatively an easy place to get to.  If you can find your way to Aloha Tower, its located on the ground floor in the very back.  You can park yourself, but around night time its going be most likely valet.  Don’t worry, getting your ticket validated it’ll be only about $5 for valet parking.

Since there was a visitor in town, I decided to take them out to eat on a Thursday and enjoy a few drinks.  I was kinda in the mood for something on the water front and had easy parking so I didnt have to walk very far.  Don Ho’s is just that if you can beat the crowds.  The place wasn’t to crowded so after we requested, we got a table right near the water.  It was already about 7:30pm so the sun was set and it was dark.  But the ocean breeze, crashing waves…it is all just beautiful.  You’ll get to see ships coming in and out of the port.  When it is night, the moon shines brightly on the ocean.  If you can make it here for a sunset, do so!  What’s better then watching Hawaii’s famous sunsets with a few drinks!

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